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Bellevue Roofing
May 5, 2017

Composition shingles are an affordable roofing option for Seattle homeowners

Every Seattle-area homeowner will need a new roof at one time or another and most search for an affordable roofing option as well as one that is a good value.

Composition shingles (also knows as asphalt shingles) are the most common roofing choice as they are perfect for people on a budget. Asphalt Shingles Seattle

They come in many styles and colors so you can pick the right one to fit your economic situation.

Malarkey Roofing products

Here at Bellevue Roofing Company, we use Malarkey roofing products as they offer a complete line of residential composition shingles.

We’ve been using Malarkey for years because their asphalt shingles are high quality and they stand behind their products.

Seattle and Eastside homeowners can choose from the traditional 3-tab style to architectural or laminate to ENERGY STAR-rated reflective shingles.

Residential Roofing Options

Each style below comes in a wide variety of colors so you can select the one that looks best with your house color.

3 types of composition shingles:
1. Traditional 3-tab shingles (most common and least expensive)
2. Laminate shingles (costs more than 3-tab but more durable and stylish)
3.  Solar reflective shingle

All 3 types of asphalt shingles listed above can last anywhere from 20 years to upwards of 40 years.  Their price and warranty vary as each type is rated for a specific number of years (estimated lifespan).  You can expect to pay more for a shingle that is rated for more years still it will last longer.

Traditional 3-tab shingles

The main difference between these 3-tab shingles are that they are rated for varying number of years, which means they can last from 20 to 40 years or more.Composition shingle from Malarkey Roofing Products
Dura-Seal 25 & 25 AR
Dura-Seal 20

Laminate shingles 

Laminate shingles (also called dimensional or architectural shingles) are made by attaching 2 asphalt shingles together to form a pattern.  Depending on the color and style, they can give the appearance of being made of wood or slate.

Being made with 2 layers, they are thicker and more durable than 3-tab shingles and will, therefore, last longer. Most homeowners choose these shingles because they like the dimensional appearance of their roof as it makes their home look more stylish.


Solar Reflective shingles-Energy Star-rated
The Ecoasis Premium shingles promote energy savings and complies with green building programs.  The shingles are built with solar reflective granules that reflect up to 20% of the sun’s rays (rather can absorbing them) which creates a cooling effect for your home so you will use your air conditioning less and therefore, save money on monthly cooling bills.

Exclusive features of Malarkey productsComposition shingles are affordable roofing option in Seattle

Scotchgard™ protection from 3M
This is especially important in our wet climate as we are prone to algae growth on our roofs.  Many of their shingles include a 10 or 20 year Algae Resistant Roofing System warranty to prevent against algae staining.

Improper fastener placement is the #1 cause of incorrect installation of laminate and solar reflective shingles (which voids the warranty) so Malarkey solves this problem by their patented ZONE® technology that includes a nailing area 3 times larger than other laminate shingles.  Have a bigger nailing area makes it much easier to ensure correct fastener placement so the shingles are installed according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Rain Seal Protection
Laminate shingles are made by joining 2 shingles together and Malarkey’s have double rain seal protection.  The rain seal (SEBS asphalt adhesive) is better than oxidized asphalt because of its cohesive and adhesive properties.  It’s flexible down to zero degrees and will remain intact during the freeze/thaw cycle as the cohesive properties prevent it from breaking apart from itself.

Rugged Durability
The basis of any composition shingle is the fiberglass mat and Malarkey’s fiberglass mat is coated on both sides with premium asphalt that provides better protection from outdoor elements while delivering more granule adhesion (meaning the granules will not wear off as fast) to better protect your roof and home.

SBS Modified asphalt
SBS modified asphalt is important is it provides increased granule adhesion so that the granules stay on the shingles to create a barrier again the elements and this will makes your roof last longer.  When granules wear off is when problems develop.

So there you have it-all the vital features of Malarkey composition shingles that makes them stand out in the field of residential roofing products.  Their shingles are a great value and an affording roofing option for homeowners in the Seattle area, from Bothell to Kirkland to Medina to Renton.