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Aug 8, 2017

Summer Is The Perfect Time To Have Your Roof Replaced In Seattle

Roof Replacement SeattoeThis has been a dry summer so the last thing you’re probably worried about is the shingles on your house but this is actually the best time to replace them.

Why?  Many Seattle and Eastside-area homeowners are overdue for new shingles so they cross their fingers hoping to get a few more years but at what cost?  Is your roof ready for another year of pounding rain from our famous winter storms?

For most people, their home is their biggest investment so it makes sense that you want to protect it and a new roof is the best way to do that.

Water damage is expensive to repair

Water damage from a leaky roof can cost much more than the price to have your roof replaced.  

It could lead to water leaking inside your home, which may result in having to replace sheet rock and molding or baseboard, flooring, repainting and mold removal.  As you can see, there’s a long list of items that may need repairing or replacing IF your house develops a leak.

There’s even a longer list if you don’t notice the leak right away.  A leak isn’t always easily detectable and when water damage is allowed to continue, the cost to repair it can sky rocket.  That doesn’t even take into account all the extra time involved in hiring multiple companies for repair.

A new roof is a good investment

It goes without saying that it would have been much simpler to get new shingles rather than to have to deal with the aftermath of water damage in your home.

Replace Roof SeattleHoping your current roof will get you through another winter is not a good plan and certainly doesn’t prevent damage.  Your home is often your biggest investment so spending money to keep it in great shape is a smart move.

You may not be aware as to how affordable composition shingles are.  In fact, they’re the best value for those on a budget.

It’s very common for composition shingles to be rated for 25 years or more so if you take the cost and divide it over the lifetime of the roof, most homeowners will agree it’s a reasonable price to pay to protect your biggest investment.

After all, the roof is the major element that protects your home along with everything inside it.  Plus, any damage (especially structural damage) can be extremely costly to repair so it’s best to avoid it.

Are your neighbor’s getting new roofs?

A telltale sign that it’s time for a new roof is when many of your neighbors are having their roofs replaced.  All the homes in your development were likely built in the same year with similar materials and exposed to the same weather conditions.   Therefore, their roofs are aging at approximately the same rate as yours so when they’re getting new shingles, you should probably be looking to do the same.

Signs you need to replace your roof

  • Shingles over 20 years oldCracked shingles on Seattle home
  • Shingles curled at edges or pieces broken off
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Granule loss and bald spots
  • Algae and dark stains on shingles
  • Moss growing on roof

The most obvious is that the roof just looks worn when you look at it from the ground.  If you climb up onto the roof and take a closer look, you’ll likely see many of the issues mentioned above-little or no granules left on the shingles, dark stains on portions of your roof and cracked or curled edges.

Free estimates from Bellevue Roofing Company

Start the process of replacing your roof by contacting Keith at Bellevue Roofing Company for your free estimate.  He’ll assess the current state of your roof and answer all your questions along with giving you a written, detailed estimate of the cost.  Bellevue Roofing offers service to the entire eastside of the Seattle metro area and specializes in asphalt, flat and metal roofing for homes and businesses.

Once you have your new roof, you’ll be glad you spent the money as you won’t need to worry whether your roof will make it through another storm season.  With a new roof from Bellevue Roofing, you’ll know your biggest investment is safe and sound so let it rain!